Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tenderhearted People Beware of Animal Shelters!!

This young man is a charmer!! He charms me often........Frequently, I give into his smile.... hugs....and complements....etc..etc...etc...

This is my youngest child, Elijah. He is thirteen years old.

Elijah accompanied me to the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter to pick up Charlie, my Schnoodle. (The Pros and Cons of Animal Rescue....Part 1)

Elijah has wanted a dog of his own for awhile. And.....with so many dogs available for adoption at Prairie Paws, we were sure to see a dog that just fit the bill for Elijah.

One look at Radar and we both knew......Elijah and Radar were a perfect match!

How could I say no????

Radar is a Cairn Terrier Mix. Toto in the Wizard of Oz was a Cairn Terrier.

Radar loves Elijah! He follows Elijah around and sleeps in his room.

Radar loves to play "Fetch" and wrestle with Charlie!

So......I won't be going to another animal shelter!! It's hard for me to come home without an animal!

 However, I would definitely encourage anyone wanting to welcome a dog into their life to check at their local animal shelter.

Your family dog may be there waiting for you!!


MayLove said...

I'm a HUGE advocate of animal shelters, but I agree it is SO hard to go in there and not want to take them all home. In our case we're limited to two dogs in our townhome, so the next one will be our last til we move into a house w/ a yard ;-) One thing I have noticed with many shelters, is that they are starting to bring individual dogs out to a separate room instead of having you walk through a kennel full of dogs. I think this is a good thing b/c you won't fall victim to a sad face if you aren't looking for one, but also a bad thing b/c if the dog you want to see isn't the dog for you, you might miss one who is.

Sarah said...

This shelter was a brand new facility. They had all the dogs in their own kennels with glass between viewers and the dogs. Then, they had the individual rooms for interaction between potential matches. We looked at all the dogs and then went to the front desk with the number of the dog we were interested in. Then, we visited in one of the viewing rooms. They even let us take Charlie and Radar into the same room at the same time. I know a lady that regularly visits animal shelters. She now has SEVEN dogs!!