Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bridges Can Be Scary!

We have bridges in North Texas, but only the small kind. The only bridge that I have to cross is the Trinity River Bridge that crosses, of course, the Trinity River heading into Dallas. This bridge is your normal, run-of-the-mill bridge.....nothing exciting about it at all. This past weekend, I had what seemed to me to be a bridge intervention by God. Now, I have had nightmares my entire life about steep incline bridges and similarly, high, narrow freeway overpasses. This past Thursday, while attending my niece's wedding, I had a bridge encounter that made me shake, rattle and roll.....literally!
This is the Dames Point Bridge that crosses the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida.

I was totally taken by surprise at the sight of this steep bridge. My rental car was a tiny Fiat which made crossing this giant even more formidable to me. As I began the ascent I began to pray. Then, as I began to hyperventilate as I neared the apex, I began to chant, "Face your fears, face your fears". Once across, I was so relieved.....until I realized I would have to cross the bridge again on my return trip to the airport!!

Have you encountered any steep bridges in your life? I would love to hear about them!!
 Take a look at this bridge. ......Now this is a bridge that will visit your dreams!
It is the 1st Cooper Bridge in Charleston, S.C.

Or, if you are visiting the Tampa/ St. Petersburg, Florida area, you may have to cross the Skyway Bridge.


BillySue said...

Haha now I understand what you mean by "They looked like ants!"

Anonymous said...

I, too, have a fear of bridges. I've driven over the one in Jacksonville and in Charleston. No fun! But you and I both made it! Hooray for us!

Sarah said...

Wow...I think I just might have a melt down if I had to cross the bridge in Charleston!! Thank you for commenting!!

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