Monday, May 9, 2011

Is It a Bird....Is It a Plane......Is It a UFO??????

Yesterday, I drove to Breckenridge, Texas, to handle some business. While filling up at a local gas station, I noticed this orange "flying saucer style" object across the street. It had been left in a parking lot along with several other objects that people wanted to sell. I almost doubted my own vision. I had never seen such an odd structure except in some old science fiction movie from the 1950's! The movie, "War of the Worlds" came to mind as I stared gaping at this contraption. I also thought it looked a bit like the space capsule in which John Glenn splashed into the Atlantic Ocean  following his orbit of the earth.
Finally, when I returned home, I could hardly wait to show the above picture to my husband, Tim! I was thrilled that I had encountered what appeared to be a space ship from another world!! 
Well, of course, Tim knew exactly what the object was! Not only did he know what it was, he had been in a contraption exactly like the orange metal disc for sale in Breckenridge, Texas. 
Do you know what it is???? I think it would be fun to hear what you think!! Just leave your comments and next Monday, May 16, I'll let you know the true identity of this orange marvel!!