Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Few Good Paintings......

Art is one of my great passions in life....
Finally, when I was in my forties, I discovered that
buying paintings for my home didn't have to cost a fortune.....
Paintings can be bought at estate sales, garage sales, and estate auctions.....
They can also be bought at small mom and pop art galleries for a reasonable price!
Check out these paintings.....The most expensive painting was $425.00, while the least expensive was $2.50.

Bought at an antique store for $425.00

Paid $25.00 at a Garage Sale in Highland Park, Dallas.

I bought both of these 19th century rustic paintings at an estate auction. I paid $20.00 for one and $40.00 for the other.

Paid $60.00 at an estate auction.

This painting of Bluebonnets came out of Baylor Hospital in Waxahachie......It was auctioned off with a lot of other paintings. I then bought it from a dealer friend of mine for $325.00.

I bought this large painting for $60.00 at an estate auction. I like it because it reminds me of my daughters Heather and Lindsay when they were little.

Reproduction of the famous painting, Portrait of a Young Woman by Vigee-LeBrun, found in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
Cost to me.....$60.00.

Another Reproduction of a famous Madonna/Child picture. I bought this one at an English container auction for $100.00.

I bought this painting at an estate sale in Dallas. The person who painted this floral arrangement came as an immigrant from the Netherlands. I especially like the circular frame. It was painted in the 1930's. This painting cost $50.00.

While one of these paintings is a bit damaged, I still like them. They are signed and dated.....1940. I paid $5.00 for the pair at a garage sale.

These pictures came from Ebay.....$25.00 each.

These pastel portraits are by our artist in residence.....Suzanne.  Suzanne is my youngest daughter. She was seventeen when she drew these!!


BillySue said...

WHOA! i wasn't expecting to see my art on your blog! especially with such other beautiful paintings! :)

Sarah said...

I think yours are the BEST ones! That's why I saved them for last!!