Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Limit Your Wardrobe to Only Six Pieces......Really????

This morning when I logged onto my Yahoo page, I was met with an idea that smacked me right in the face.......How To Dress With Only Six Pieces!
My initial reaction was this: Really........am I honestly reading this correctly???? Let me clean my glasses and read this again......Yep...that's what it said....How to Dress With Only Six Pieces!! Upon reading the article, it didn't mean six pieces at a time. It meant six pieces in the total wardrobe!!

More initial reaction:  Is that even possible???? Now, I know way back when.......decades or centuries before I was even born, people had very little to wear, but is that really something that I want to do....in 2010?? There are so many options out there with discount stores, outlet malls, thrift stores, garage sales, Walmart and Target, do we really have to limit our wardrobe to only six items??

These are the six items the article recommended:
One Black Dress
One pair of Jeans
One white shirt
One quality T shirt
One pair of slacks
One black jacket

Then, after I had a chance to CALM DOWN and Think.......Breathe, Sarah, Breathe, I started to remember my life as a single school teacher. My perspective began to change.....

Let's get real here.....when I was a young and poor twenty-something, to even have six quality items in my wardrobe would have been a miracle. I taught school. My mother helped me with my "work" wardrobe of five dresses. On the weekends I basically wore grunge type clothing.....t shirts and worn out jeans. Since I had no money to buy anything.....thank goodness for my mother.....
I certainly didn't make enough money as a teacher to buy clothing! All my money went to pay for food, rent, and school supplies/classroom teaching aids. Sometimes I had to write IOU's to the school lunch program for food!!

My financial future didn't improve until my future husband arrived to save the day! While I don't remember him donating to my wardrobe, he did help me with school supplies, made sure I was properly fed, and paid half of my apartment rent when my roommate (you know who you are) skipped town with three months left on our lease!

Then, after I married and life became more financially stable, Tim and I made a huge decision. Because he made a good salary, we decided to use our financial resources to bring children into our home via adoption as well as birth. That translates out to buying a lot of clothing at thrift stores and depending on friends for hand-me-downs. None of our children ever complained (they are the most selfless human beings I know).....but, growing up, there were many times when none of them had six pieces of quality clothing in their wardrobes. This is not to say they did not dress nicely, but to have one exceptionally nice shirt and pair of pants or a pretty dress to wear to church was our main goal......None of my kids ever had more than two pairs of jeans when they were growing up......We washed frequently!!!!

So....now that over an hour has passed since I first read the Six Pieces of Clothing article on Yahoo, I have a different viewpoint.....At least, I do believe it can be done....Sigh....because I did it with my family for years.....I just forgot!

But....do I really WANT to limit my wardrobe to six pieces.....OF COURSE not. I desperately WANT my three black skirts, three black dresses, three French cuff shirts, my three pairs of black slacks, one pair of brown slacks, two pairs of white slacks, and six Danskin T shirts that are sooooo comfortable and make me look like a COOL fifty something woman......Not to mention the six skirt suits that make me look like a classic older woman.....I'm not giving any of it up so I can limit my wardrobe to just six items......So There.....

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