Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Fantasy... Living At The Palomar

I have had an ongoing daydream for awhile. I want to live at the Palomar condos in Dallas. In my fantasy, I'm about eighty-five years old. I have beautiful, silky white hair, a small body, (I know this is a longshot, but as long as it's MY daydream, why not?).....and a quick wit.

In my daydream, my son Isaac, the actor, comes by daily to see me. Sometimes, if he has the time, he drinks a cup of tea with me. Isaac regularly has a lead in some thought provoking play. I attend ALL of Isaac's plays. He is a marvelous actor!

Then, my son, Noah, the artist, comes by for dinner. He is always impeccably dressed, complete with a scarf around his neck and a fedora. He is quite dashing.

Lindsay and her husband, James, stop by promptly at nine o'clock every Sunday morning. Because I no longer drive, they are my ride to church. We always stop by La Madeline's for lunch afterwards. I have quiche.......they have the pasta salad.  Life is good.

This daydream was going along so well until my husband, Tim, pointed out that he is nowhere to be found in my daydream. He asked, "What.... did you kill me off or something"?..........Oops! Oh, dear.....I'm not sure why he's not in the dream......Maybe he's not in the dream because he's just not the Palomar type. Tim can't see himself easing through the day....he's a high energy person! I'm a high energy person too, but I do think I could take it easy at the...... Palomar.

For me, the Palomar represents retirement (never going to happen...and I'm not complaining).......the Palomar is my trip to Hawaii (I've been....Hawaii is as marvelous as everyone says it is)....
the Palomar is....well, the Palomar is......a moment of quiet......a eye in the sometimes hurricane of life.

I think I'll reserve a room in the hotel side of the Palomar. And, just to be fair, I'll take Tim with me.......just for a day or two......or maybe a week.....sigh!


Mommarazzi said...

I came across your blog from your daughter's...I also live in Waxahachie and have my entire life. Such a small world!!

Sarah said...

Wow!!! It is a small world!! I love Waxahachie!!! We've lived here for 22 years. Thank you so much for your comment and following my blog......
Best Regards.....Sarah

Anonymous said...

I guess it IS possible that James and I go to church eventually...when you're 85... ;)