Friday, July 16, 2010

In 1955, Leaded Gasoline Was The Only Option!

Why, do you ask, do I have a 1955 Mobil Gasoline Pump in my family room?

I have a 1955 Mobil Gasoline Pump in my family room because I'm a bit unusual, and my husband used to work for Mobil Oil Company.

Actually, Tim worked for Mobil Oil for over twenty-five years......

He loved everything about Mobil Oil.

Tim taught me that the Mobil Pegasus flying to the left preceeds the Pegasus flying to the right.

Eventually, Mobil turned the Pegasus around so he was flying to the right. According to Tim, this was because Mobil was concerned the public would think the people at Mobil Oil were liberals. They preferred to be perceived as conservatives. At the time, flying to the right was considered more politically correct!

Note that the Pegasus on the 1955 gasoline pump is flying to the left.

I bought the 1955 Mobil Gasoline Pump for Tim.

None of his friends have one.....

Which way are you flying?????

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