Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Dog Rescue......Part 1

Meet Charlie! Charlie is a Schnoodle that I rescued. Isn't he precious? Initially I spied Charlie on the internet. Prairie Paws Adoption Center in Grand Prairie, Texas lists all their available dogs for adoption. Basically, I first fell in love with Charlie's picture.

Charlie is the perfect dog for me. There's no doubt that he sees me as his master. He is loyal, following me around the house, looking directly into my eyes when I talk to him, sitting on my lap while we watch television, running up to me when I return home......Charlie is a gem!!

On the downside, when I took Charlie to be neutered, it was discovered that he has heartworms. I'm thinking he is in the beginning stages because he is still full of energy. At any rate, Charlie goes in to the vet next Monday to get his first powerful injection of the heartworm drug. Then, he'll have to be carefully watched and quiet for three weeks. At that time he'll go in for another powerful injection and then another three weeks of downtime. The entire process will cost $400.00.

Over the years our family has spent thousands (not exaggerating!) of dollars on sick or injured animals. One of the main reasons I adopted a rescue dog was because I assumed the cost would be less than buying a puppy. Well, not so in this case! Since my husband works so hard to pay for our family expenses, I offered to return Charlie since the vet bill was quickly adding up! Sweet Tim sighed and said, "No, he's your dog. If we return him, he will likely be put to sleep".

Have I ever said Tim is a GREAT GUY!! Yes, well, I can never say it enough!

So......adopting a dog from a shelter is not always going to be a less expensive way to find a dog. But, in Charlie's case, it saved his life. Heartworms are fatal to dogs. The treatment is expensive and extremely dibilitating for a dog. My research revealed that there are herbal treatments, but these treatments take a minimum of six months to be effective.

Heartworms are transmitted via the mosquito. Because of the heat and humidity, Texas is an expecially fertile environment for heartworms. Heartworms can be prevented by giving dogs heartworm preventative. This is in the form of a pill that is taken once a month.

Charlie is my friend! He's going to hang with me for many years ahead.......While, I am sorry he has to go through the heartworm treatment, I'm relieved that it is available!! Well worth $400.00!!

Tune in for Part 2 of this story.......

Tenderhearted People Beware of Dog Shelters!!

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