Monday, May 31, 2010

Chicago Is My Kind of Town

This past weekend I flew the "friendly skies" to visit my daughter, Penny, in Chicago. Penny has lived in Chicago ever since she graduated from high school in 1996. Normally, I try to visit her every spring and winter. Unfortunately, I missed my winter visit this year, so I hadn't been to Chicago in a little over a year, although Penny has been to Texas twice this year. I missed visiting Penny in Chicago so much and wish I could have stayed a bit longer. I've always tried  to visit my adult children as often as I can in the place they live. Chicago has become an important part of who Penny Chicago is also important to me.

Penny has lived in many Chicago neighborhoods.......Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Andersonville, near the lake, and now, Lincoln Square. I love her new neighborhood. Lots of families with young children live here, and while Penny does live above a bar, this neighborhood seemed one of the quieter ones she's lived in.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Randolph Street Antique Festival. Penny's sweetheart boyfriend, Bossyboots, Penny and myself strolled up and down the aisles of antiques. While it wasn't as hot as it is here it Texas, it was close enough to bring on a sweat. We took refuge inside a building that had mostly vintage clothing and jewelry for sale.

Afterwards, we had a great lunch at a place called "The Market".

Notice all the empty tables????? Everyone else was sitting outside. We were so exhausted from the heat that we opted to sit inside. We didn't have to wait for a table!! Oh, those "French fry holders" are crazy..........I had never eaten fries out of such a took up half of my side of the booth!! I know.........the sandwich and fries were a bad food choice, I'm guilty!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Beauty Lofts

This is the former old Standard - Tilton Flour Mill in Dallas, Texas. The one hundred year old flour mill operated from 1913 until 1971.  The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. Presently, the mill has been converted into condominiums called American Beauty Mill Lofts. While, normally, I frown on historic homes being converted into offices or stores, this conversion seems a good solution for the historic flour mill giving it a practical use in the community.

The Santa Fe Railroad went right next to the flour mill. This track while no longer in use, is a reminder of the days when the flour mill was in operation.

American Beauty Mill Lofts is located just across Hwy. 30 near the Dallas Farmer's Market.
What do you think about historic buildings being converted into apartments, stores, or offices??

Monday, May 24, 2010


Those of you familiar with triathlons know that are the three components of a triathlon. This past Sunday Tim (our Dad) and Lindsay (our daughter and sister) completed the Cleburne, Tx., IronHorse Triathlon.  Lindsay has done many triathlons including a half IronMan and an IronMan, plus several marathons. Tim is an avid bicyclist completing a 50 mile bike ride. One of his goals is to complete a 100 mile ride. Another goal is to begin triathlons. He is a decent runner and great bicyclist, but not such a good swimmer. He's been training for over a month swimming six hours a week with Lindsay, who is an excellent swimmer.Well, this past Sunday, all the training paid off. He came through with flying colors! (Tim just celebrated his 57th birthday!) It was so much fun watching Tim and Lindsay completing the Triathlon together!!

Lindsay swimming and heading out to the transition area

Tim swimming

Tim on the bike.

Lindsay an Tim running

Tim and Lindsay with their second place awards!!

Two of my favorite pictures!

This man blew me away. He is eighty years old!!!  He has the physique of someone decades younger!! I only hope to be half as fit at his age!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Our Isaac!!

Today is Isaac's twentieth birthday!! He had plans with his friends today, so his dad, brothers and sisters, myself, and Isaac celebrated his birthday on Saturday.

We started with dinner at Pappadeaux.........

Dinner was followed by presents and ice cream at home.

We love you Isaac!! Happy Birthday !!