Monday, May 31, 2010

Chicago Is My Kind of Town

This past weekend I flew the "friendly skies" to visit my daughter, Penny, in Chicago. Penny has lived in Chicago ever since she graduated from high school in 1996. Normally, I try to visit her every spring and winter. Unfortunately, I missed my winter visit this year, so I hadn't been to Chicago in a little over a year, although Penny has been to Texas twice this year. I missed visiting Penny in Chicago so much and wish I could have stayed a bit longer. I've always tried  to visit my adult children as often as I can in the place they live. Chicago has become an important part of who Penny Chicago is also important to me.

Penny has lived in many Chicago neighborhoods.......Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Andersonville, near the lake, and now, Lincoln Square. I love her new neighborhood. Lots of families with young children live here, and while Penny does live above a bar, this neighborhood seemed one of the quieter ones she's lived in.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Randolph Street Antique Festival. Penny's sweetheart boyfriend, Bossyboots, Penny and myself strolled up and down the aisles of antiques. While it wasn't as hot as it is here it Texas, it was close enough to bring on a sweat. We took refuge inside a building that had mostly vintage clothing and jewelry for sale.

Afterwards, we had a great lunch at a place called "The Market".

Notice all the empty tables????? Everyone else was sitting outside. We were so exhausted from the heat that we opted to sit inside. We didn't have to wait for a table!! Oh, those "French fry holders" are crazy..........I had never eaten fries out of such a took up half of my side of the booth!! I know.........the sandwich and fries were a bad food choice, I'm guilty!


BillySue said...

That sandwhich looks tasty!!!!

Sarah said...

Hi, Billy Sue!! Hope you had a great day today!! The sandwich was delicious.......but not as good as your dad's homemade hamburgers!!!! I have to confess.....I had a coke!!!!!!!!