Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, Texas

After living in Waxahachie for twenty-seven years, I finally spent a few hours at Scarborough Faire, a huge Renaissance festival that is open in April and May each year.  Tim and I headed out early in the day quickly to find ourselves in a caravan of cars and trucks all crawling toward the Medieval Kingdom just south of town.

If we had known that spectators would be dressing in costume we might have done the same. After admiring the colorful outfits of our local citizens, we contemplated returning next year donned in our own version of King Arthur and Guinevere. 

As creative as the locals costumes were, the costumes of the regular renaissance actors were stunning.
The Scottish assembly was my favorite! Gentlemen and their ladies represented various clans as they gathered together in a regal procession.

A couple of the characters had clearly gone over to the "dark side".
 Over the years, during each April and May my family has observed members from this Renaissance troupe out and about in Waxahachie. We knew certain individuals were from the Scarborough Faire group because they wore medieval style clothing as their everyday attire. I assumed this was because they were so passionate about their craft that the reenactment had become a part of their spirit. My thoughts were confirmed when we visited the Renaissance site. I think the actors would reenact the medieval life even if no one came to watch. It seemed to be how they really in and day out.
That being said, I enjoyed my time at the festival immensely and plan to return next year......hopefully, in costume, of course!!