Monday, March 28, 2011

Mom, It's The Time Machine Chair!!

A few years ago, my brother, JP, bought a barber chair at an auction. I've seen it in his home several times over the years, and thought it was beautiful. The upholstery is tufted red velvet. It definitely looks to be from around the early twentieth century, maybe 1915 to 1925.
Now, fast forward to 2011. My brother is selling almost all his worldly possessions because he is moving out of the country. He's off to experience a new beginning...a whole new and exciting life!! In the process of liquidating his possessions, I purchased his barber chair. I traveled to his house today to visit with him and pick up the chair.
Later, when my husband, Tim, rolled the chair into the house, our daughter, Soo-Jin, squealed, "It's the Time Machine chair!". Honestly, I had no idea what she was talking about. Then, she further explained that the chair looked like the chair in the 1960 MGM Time Machine movie. Hmmmmm, I thought.
Then, I did what most of America does when researching facts they wish to discover: I "Googled" Hercules Berninghaus Barber Chair, which was the make identifying the chair.
Well, I was totally surprised that this chair definitely is the same make and manufacturer of the barber chair used in the Time Machine movie. Now, the actual chair used in the MGM movie was manufactured in 1899. As I stated earlier, our chair is a later version, but the upholstery matches the upholstery of the chair in the movie and the manufacturer and model style is the same. Eugene Berninghaus was the first manufacturer to produce a barber chair in America. The Hercules model was only produced from 1872 to 1938. For an antique dealer and history buff like myself, this is so exciting. think this chair has been in my brother's house all this time and I never thought to learn more about its' history until now!!

                              Old Texas House of the Week

The old Texas house of the week is one with which I am familiar. It is my brother's home. It was built in 1920 and has been completely restored.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Robbie Anderson

Robbie Anderson is a woman of nearly ninety-seven years. Her petite frame is further dwarfed by her younger brother, John's, towering physique. Ninety year old John spends most mornings conversing and playing board games with his older sister. At almost one hundred Robbie's mind is crisp and clear. She looks like an older black version of Peter Pan's Tinker Bell. She greets visitors to her tiny cottage on Marvin Street with an electric grin and a calm demeanor. Robbie wears the peace that a well-lived life brings.

Sayings of My Mother

My mother had "little sayings" that all mothers have. I know I do!! Suzanne and I were talking about this topic the other day. These are a few tidbits from my mother!

1. You just went to church!! Be nice!!

2. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all!

3. What goes around comes around!

4. I'm going to tell your father!

5. We're taking the scenic route! (My mother was famous for getting lost.)

5. Can you carry me? ( She would frequently ask her grandkids to carry her when we were out shopping. My mom was a mega shopping machine!)

6. It sure is dark out there! ( Late one night, my father once asked my mother to enjoy the view out of their upstairs window. My mother thought this was just plain silly. I can just hear her questioning herself as to what could possibly be worth viewing in her tiny Oklahoma town. She just didn't know what to say, so she made this statement. For years after that when a family member was at a loss for words, we would say......It sure is dark out there!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hanging In Austin

Well, spring break ended yesterday. That meant that Sunday I was driving Suzanne back to college at UT Austin. I think I may have mentioned that one of my other daughters, Tellanova, lives in Austin as well. Then, recently, my son, Stephen, moved to Austin. So, now I have three good reasons to hang out in Austin!!
In order to beat the holiday traffic, Suzanne and I left EARLY in the morning: 7:30 am.

We had only traveled forty miles down the road when we needed a Starbucks stop!! As expected, there wasn't much traffic at that hour, so we felt we were safe to mosey leisurely down the road. So, after stopping at the Starbucks in Hillsboro, Texas, we continued down the interstate. Then, about an hour after our Starbucks stop, we stopped at Salado, Texas. I've talked about Salado before. Remember.... four of my daughters and I spent my last birthday there antiquing and eating and such..... Well, since Suzanne and I had ample time that Sunday morning, why not stop and do some shopping??? Makes perfect sense to me!
While there, I was surprised to find some great plants at the Ace Hardware store.......I had to run in there to go to the bathroom. And....I have this hard core belief that if I, or any member of my family for that matter, uses a public restroom, we have to buy an item, no matter how large or small, from that same store. It's sort of a payment for the honor of using their bathroom!! Anyway....I found these plants on sale, buy two get one free. It seemed a good deal and I'm a sucker for flowers, so there you go!! 

Then, we hit a couple of antique/consignment stores. Suzanne found a nice gilt gold trinket box and I found a small dollhouse to decorate with. Neither of them are antiques, but they are nice pieces!!

Then, it was with purpose and conviction that we determined to complete the drive to Austin with no more stops!! I was finding myself praying to God to deliver me from the "antique shopping" temptation so, at that moment I knew we just needed to leave!
So....finally, after four and one half hours we arrived in Austin. Normally, the drive only requires two hours and forty-five minutes. Oh, well.....we were having a great time!!
My daughter, Tellanova, met us for lunch. will not believe who she brought with her!!

This is my son Paul and his long time girlfriend, Sofia. Paul and Sofia were in town for the annual South by Southwest Music Festival. Tellavova and her band, A House a Home, performed at the festival. Paul and Sofia were there to enjoy the music and support Tellanova!
We all had lunch at The Blue Dalia French restaurant.

 What a dining experience that was!! We all had soup and a sandwich!! These sandwiches were scrumptious......The whole meal was lovely!!

Then, Suzanne and I went to a flick....."Limitless", to be exact. This movie was okay. There was a bit too much violence for me, and it seemed as if it would never end. But, I was hanging with my baby girl, Suzanne, so it was all good.
Then, after having yet another "coffee" break with Tellanova and my sweet Stephen, I headed back to North Texas. I didn't arrive home until 12:30 am.

And.....of course, what would a trip to Austin or Anywhere be without spotting the make of car my husband, Tim, loves the best.....A Volvo!
(If you are reading this post, Tim, I included this little tidbit for you!!)

And....what is a trip to Austin without great art!!

It is in Austin that we find our  Old Texas Building of the Week

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Shower and Such

Before I write anything about my family, I have to say how my heart goes out to the people of Japan. The images of the earthquake and tsunami are overwhelming to me. It certainly makes my day to day difficulties seem trivial. All I can do is earnestly pray and give to the organizations that are involved in the relief efforts. I am so sorry for the suffering of these good people.

Baby Update:
This past weekend our family held a baby shower in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Tweets and little Sweet Prince Baby Tweets! We anticipate his arrival in April. The shower was a success. There was good food, fun games and lots and lots of presents!! Enjoy the pictures!

In all the excitement of handing out the gifts, I totally forgot to take pictures of the family and the gifts!!! Being the "party director" and taking pictures at the same time was clearly too much for me!!! Suffice it to say Mr. and Mrs. Tweets received a lot of great gifts and we all had a wonderful time!!

George Gnome Update!
Well, George emailed me last weekend. He said he will be arriving home later this week via USPS. He was a bit disappointed he wasn't traveling by plane. I'm glad he's not claustrophobic!! Those priority mail shipping boxes can be so confining!! He had a great time visiting Penny and BossyBoots in Chicago!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

George Gnome Ran Away From Home!!!

Well, the mystery of the missing gnome is solved! "George" Gnome ran away to Chicago with Penny and BossyBoots!! George sent me an email reassuring me that he wasn't kidnapped and eventually, he'll return home!! Well, I'm glad for that, but now he's drinking Starbucks with Penny and BossyBoots and flying all over the country!!! Sigh.....I'm absolutely positive he's having a grand time!!!  He promised to send me picture updates of his adventures!! I'll keep you updated!! It should be quite exciting to follow him around on his escapades around Chicago Land with Penny and BossyBoots!!

Oh, Gnome, Where Art Thou????

Okay, one of my precious gnomes has gone missing. I first noticed his absence when I returned from taking Penny and BossyBoots to the airport. They spent a few days visiting us Texas folk!! As I was walking to my bedroom my eye zeroed in on the missing spot where the fourth gnome of my gnome family should have been. His departure was a shock!! How could he actually be gone? I thought only outdoor gnomes went missing. But, the truth is that someone stole my gnome right out from under my nose......out of my own family room!!!  But.....gnomes were meant to roam;so, why am I surprised!!

Over the weekend Tellanova came up from Austin. Then Penny and Bossyboots were here from Chicago. And.... Taylor and Soo Jin are acting like they are keeping a secret....about the missing gnome. So, is the gnome in Chicago?  Is he in Austin, perhaps??? he somewhere in the house laughing at me...!!!

I'll keep you updated on the mystery of the missing gnome!!! Check out my post on I Have An Affinity for Gnomes.