Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, Gnome, Where Art Thou????

Okay, one of my precious gnomes has gone missing. I first noticed his absence when I returned from taking Penny and BossyBoots to the airport. They spent a few days visiting us Texas folk!! As I was walking to my bedroom my eye zeroed in on the missing spot where the fourth gnome of my gnome family should have been. His departure was a shock!! How could he actually be gone? I thought only outdoor gnomes went missing. But, the truth is that someone stole my gnome right out from under my nose......out of my own family room!!!  But.....gnomes were meant to roam;so, why am I surprised!!

Over the weekend Tellanova came up from Austin. Then Penny and Bossyboots were here from Chicago. And.... Taylor and Soo Jin are acting like they are keeping a secret....about the missing gnome. So, is the gnome in Chicago?  Is he in Austin, perhaps??? he somewhere in the house laughing at me...!!!

I'll keep you updated on the mystery of the missing gnome!!! Check out my post on I Have An Affinity for Gnomes.

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