Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Have An Affinity for Gnomes!!

Lately, I've taken quite a liking to Garden Gnomes!! You know, those cute little bearded men wearing red pointy hats!! My affinity for gnomes started when my son, Stephen, lived in Chicago. He and his buddies would occasionally go "gnome hunting". Gnome hunting is the practice of removing (stealing) a gnome from someone's garden and taking it to another location. Sometimes, the stolen gnome travels hundreds, even thousands of miles away from its original garden. Hence, we have the concept of the "traveling gnome" in the Travelocity commercials.

Since that day many years ago when Stephen appeared with the cutest red plastic gnome ever, I have admired the creatures. Recently, I have discovered gnomes for sale in antique stores. A few weeks ago I bought Stephen another gnome at an antique store in Austin.....Then, just yesterday, I found a "gnome set" at a local antique store. I could barely contain myself!! It was like meeting an old friend. These gnomes complete with glass eyes originated in Germany.....the original home of all gnomes. These gnomes have traveled a long way........Now, they have found a home in my family room!! 

I won't put my gnomes in the garden. It's too much of a risk that they will be stolen because we all know that is what frequently happens to gnomes......They travel from one garden to another. So, for now they will remain in the house. Someday I may put them in the garden for that is where they ultimately belong.....But for now, I'm not ready for them to disappear in the hands of "gnome hunters". However, I do feel a bit like I'm hampering their freedom........Gnomes were meant to roam....

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