Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's All Quiet

Imagine a family with twenty-three members all converging in the same house on Christmas morning. The same group was at that said house the previous month for Thanksgiving. Both holidays involved lots and lots of cooking, house-cleaning chores, shopping....shopping....and shopping some more, late night game playing, reminising about days-gone-by. The house is full of laughter and talking. And then.....two days after Christmas, all is perfectly quiet. It won't be until next Thanksgiving that the same group of people will all be back in this old homestead....only, next year this family will have a new member....a tiny little baby!!

It's so quiet now.......Life will become even more so in a couple of weeks when our baby girl, Suzanne, goes back to college.

I'm sensing the circle of life more intensly than I used to......In two more years, I'll be sixty. I'm looking forward to the arrival of my first grandbaby....and then the one after that....the one after that....and so on. More of our children will have boyfriends and girlfriends....then husbands and wives. My hair is getting gray. Life moves on......

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