Sunday, December 12, 2010

Having A "Granny" Christmas

Christmas trees, Christmas trees, Christmas trees abound!!! The official Christmas decorating committee of Taylor, Soo-Jin, Christopher, and myself have gone Christmas tree crazy!! So far, we have FOUR Christmas trees at our house!! With the news that we are having a new little member of our family thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Tweets, my daughter and my son-in-law, I think I've been channeling my mother's behavior at Christmas. Granny loved Christmas. It was clearly her favorite time of the year. She had at least three big trees in her home. Sometimes she might have four or five. There was a tree in the living room, one in the den, one in the sunroom, and maybe one or more in the bedrooms. Each tree had its own theme with a domimant color. The family siblings loved visiting their Granny at Christmas. It was truly a wonderful, eye-sparkling experience. Well, I want my grandchildren to love coming to my house at Christmas just as much as my children loved visiting their Granny's home at Christmas!!

                                 Merry Christmas To All!!

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BillySue said...

What beautiful trees! I really like the white one!