Thursday, December 23, 2010

Birthday Bliss in Salado, Texas

I love living in Texas. I love small Texas towns where people are friendly, the shops are quaint and the food is spectacular!! While I am not sixty yet, today I officially became one year closer to that soon to be realized age! And....what better way to spend my birthday than in Salado, Texas with four of my beautiful daughters!! Salado is small.....not as small as Forreston, the town I wrote about in an earlier post, but small enough that the natives call Salado a "village" instead of a town. Salado is a wonderful collaboration of "old" Texas architecture with just a pinch of newer Southwest style construction thrown in to add a bit of balance. Dress that up with amazing outdoor sculpture donated by local artists and the result is an unforgettable bit of bling in the rugged Texas countryside.

My daughters and I spent the day enjoying each other's company!! Great food, antiquing, the Christmas spirit, and wonderful companionship in charming Salado, Texas made my birthday exceptionally wonderful!!

Do you have any "charming" towns or villages that bring you happiness? I would love to hear about them!!

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