Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Shower and Such

Before I write anything about my family, I have to say how my heart goes out to the people of Japan. The images of the earthquake and tsunami are overwhelming to me. It certainly makes my day to day difficulties seem trivial. All I can do is earnestly pray and give to the organizations that are involved in the relief efforts. I am so sorry for the suffering of these good people.

Baby Update:
This past weekend our family held a baby shower in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Tweets and little Sweet Prince Baby Tweets! We anticipate his arrival in April. The shower was a success. There was good food, fun games and lots and lots of presents!! Enjoy the pictures!

In all the excitement of handing out the gifts, I totally forgot to take pictures of the family and the gifts!!! Being the "party director" and taking pictures at the same time was clearly too much for me!!! Suffice it to say Mr. and Mrs. Tweets received a lot of great gifts and we all had a wonderful time!!

George Gnome Update!
Well, George emailed me last weekend. He said he will be arriving home later this week via USPS. He was a bit disappointed he wasn't traveling by plane. I'm glad he's not claustrophobic!! Those priority mail shipping boxes can be so confining!! He had a great time visiting Penny and BossyBoots in Chicago!

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