Monday, March 21, 2011

Hanging In Austin

Well, spring break ended yesterday. That meant that Sunday I was driving Suzanne back to college at UT Austin. I think I may have mentioned that one of my other daughters, Tellanova, lives in Austin as well. Then, recently, my son, Stephen, moved to Austin. So, now I have three good reasons to hang out in Austin!!
In order to beat the holiday traffic, Suzanne and I left EARLY in the morning: 7:30 am.

We had only traveled forty miles down the road when we needed a Starbucks stop!! As expected, there wasn't much traffic at that hour, so we felt we were safe to mosey leisurely down the road. So, after stopping at the Starbucks in Hillsboro, Texas, we continued down the interstate. Then, about an hour after our Starbucks stop, we stopped at Salado, Texas. I've talked about Salado before. Remember.... four of my daughters and I spent my last birthday there antiquing and eating and such..... Well, since Suzanne and I had ample time that Sunday morning, why not stop and do some shopping??? Makes perfect sense to me!
While there, I was surprised to find some great plants at the Ace Hardware store.......I had to run in there to go to the bathroom. And....I have this hard core belief that if I, or any member of my family for that matter, uses a public restroom, we have to buy an item, no matter how large or small, from that same store. It's sort of a payment for the honor of using their bathroom!! Anyway....I found these plants on sale, buy two get one free. It seemed a good deal and I'm a sucker for flowers, so there you go!! 

Then, we hit a couple of antique/consignment stores. Suzanne found a nice gilt gold trinket box and I found a small dollhouse to decorate with. Neither of them are antiques, but they are nice pieces!!

Then, it was with purpose and conviction that we determined to complete the drive to Austin with no more stops!! I was finding myself praying to God to deliver me from the "antique shopping" temptation so, at that moment I knew we just needed to leave!
So....finally, after four and one half hours we arrived in Austin. Normally, the drive only requires two hours and forty-five minutes. Oh, well.....we were having a great time!!
My daughter, Tellanova, met us for lunch. will not believe who she brought with her!!

This is my son Paul and his long time girlfriend, Sofia. Paul and Sofia were in town for the annual South by Southwest Music Festival. Tellavova and her band, A House a Home, performed at the festival. Paul and Sofia were there to enjoy the music and support Tellanova!
We all had lunch at The Blue Dalia French restaurant.

 What a dining experience that was!! We all had soup and a sandwich!! These sandwiches were scrumptious......The whole meal was lovely!!

Then, Suzanne and I went to a flick....."Limitless", to be exact. This movie was okay. There was a bit too much violence for me, and it seemed as if it would never end. But, I was hanging with my baby girl, Suzanne, so it was all good.
Then, after having yet another "coffee" break with Tellanova and my sweet Stephen, I headed back to North Texas. I didn't arrive home until 12:30 am.

And.....of course, what would a trip to Austin or Anywhere be without spotting the make of car my husband, Tim, loves the best.....A Volvo!
(If you are reading this post, Tim, I included this little tidbit for you!!)

And....what is a trip to Austin without great art!!

It is in Austin that we find our  Old Texas Building of the Week

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