Monday, May 17, 2010

Lily the Wonder Dog

                                                        Lily the Wonder Dog

This is our family dog, Lily. A Terrier mix, Lily came into our yard as a stray. We estimate she was approximately one-year-old. She is now approximately twelve years old. We love Lily. She's a valued member of our family.

When Lily was a young dog, she would chase birds that were flying low to the ground. We started to call her the Wonder Dog because she could actually catch a bird in mid flight.

Lily is an extremely protective dog.  Even in her advanced years, she still possesses an indominable spirit that would protect us unto death.

Three years ago, Lily damaged a disk in her neck. She had expensive surgery which saved her life.

Now she spends most of her day curled up on the family room floor or on my sons Seth's or Ryan's beds.
We all dote on her. She has a good life.

I've just started this blog. I'd be interested in reading comments about reader's pets. Why are they special to you or your family? Do you have a great pet story to share?

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BillySue said...

awwwww! lily is so cute!