Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Times at Ivy's Graduation

Our baby girl, Ivy, graduated yesterday. Not only did she graduate, but she was valedictorian of her class. In the fall she'll head off to the University of Texas in Austin......"Hook em Horns". I was was happy that I did not cry too much!  This was probably because I have been crying for a year now......I'm all cried out. I lost it a little when the class video was showing. Those of you who graduated from large high schools may not know what this is. All the graduates are showcased in a video of about ten picures from their childhood usually set to the music of their favorite song. Of course, while the pictures of a much younger Ivy was playing out on the screen, scenes from her childhood were playing out in my brain!!

Almost all of our family turned out for the special occasion. When a family is as big as ours, sometimes it's just too difficult for everyone to come.....but, those who couldn't make it were certainly there in spirit!! We all sat together in the auditorium....I reserved twenty-five seats!!

Afterward, there was a lovely reception in the rotunda of the school. We all gathered around Ivy's table displaying items from her life that most depict who Ivy is as a person. The focal point of Ivy's "celebration" table was a huge multi picture frame displaying pictures of Ivy with her family. Family is tremendously important to Ivy. Ivy loves her family and we all love her.......afterall, she's our baby sister and daughter, being the youngest girl in the family!

I literally took an enire photo album of the event. I've posted a sampling......Enjoy!

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