Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Beauty Lofts

This is the former old Standard - Tilton Flour Mill in Dallas, Texas. The one hundred year old flour mill operated from 1913 until 1971.  The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. Presently, the mill has been converted into condominiums called American Beauty Mill Lofts. While, normally, I frown on historic homes being converted into offices or stores, this conversion seems a good solution for the historic flour mill giving it a practical use in the community.

The Santa Fe Railroad went right next to the flour mill. This track while no longer in use, is a reminder of the days when the flour mill was in operation.

American Beauty Mill Lofts is located just across Hwy. 30 near the Dallas Farmer's Market.
What do you think about historic buildings being converted into apartments, stores, or offices??


BillySue said...

Factories scare me. well more like the huge tanks do...The loft sure look nice!!! but i am still scared of huge factory tanks.

Sarah said...

Hi, BillieSue! I'll admit the view from the catwalk is scary to me. If I lived here I would never go out on the catwalk. Some residents barbeque out there!!!