Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday Night Date Night

Every Saturday night, barring some catastrophe, Tim and I have a DATE! We've been doing this for about the past fifteen years. Trust me, it is much needed, and has helped us keep the romance alive.........not including, of course, the times we argued about something stupid like whether movie popcorn was really okay to eat or if it would cause us to slowly die a buttery cholesterol death while we watched two hundred movies or so over the next four years......... Eating popcorn with the movie is so engrained in my soul that I become anxious at the mere thought of eliminating it from my movie routine for even one Saturday night!!

ANYWAY........This month our son, Isaac, has some of his visual art pieces on display at the Crooked Tree Coffee House in Dallas. So, of course, we, as his parents, want to see and appreciate all of Isaac's artistic achievements.....Quite on the spur of the moment, we postponed our usual movie fare and headed off to the Crooked Tree.....

Once inside, we were astonished to see that the place was full of twenty something students studying..... That's right....studying!! What normal American young person studies on a hot Saturday night in July?????  The place was sooooo quiet!! The comfy chairs, sofas, and tables were occupied with SERIOUS students reading, writing, and diligently typing on their laptops....At that moment, I became as proud of every student there as if he or she were my own child. 

Good for them.......

Isaac's works hung from the walls of the "Orange" room.

This was my favorite:

While I took pictures and drank a cup of coffee, Tim checked out the library. Then, we were off on our DATE......

Okay, not so quickly.......we sat out in front of the coffee house for about twenty minutes trying to decide which movie to go see......We came up with nothing.......We thought about seeing Knight and Day, but it had already started with the next feature not beginning for another two hours.... So, we drove across Dallas...

straight into the waiting bookshelves of

Half Price Books

Not just any neighborhood Half Price Bookstore,

But, the largest Half Price Book Store in the Dallas area..

This is the "Happiness" that greeted us!

Clearly, there are enough books here to read for a lifetime and never be done with the reading.......

And.........check out this COOl Lego Art display...

Half Price Books was even showing the movie, Spider Man on an inflatible movie screen outside......For Free.

We probably would have watched the movie except for the fact that we had no outdoor chairs with us and did not relish sitting on the concrete for two hours...

                               So, we spent a good long while
                       Cruising the mammoth book collections.


             Finally, after a heart pumping, jampacked evening 



            We found our way to the Cheese Cake Factory

                             What else.....Cheesecake!!

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