Monday, May 9, 2011

Is It a Bird....Is It a Plane......Is It a UFO??????

Yesterday, I drove to Breckenridge, Texas, to handle some business. While filling up at a local gas station, I noticed this orange "flying saucer style" object across the street. It had been left in a parking lot along with several other objects that people wanted to sell. I almost doubted my own vision. I had never seen such an odd structure except in some old science fiction movie from the 1950's! The movie, "War of the Worlds" came to mind as I stared gaping at this contraption. I also thought it looked a bit like the space capsule in which John Glenn splashed into the Atlantic Ocean  following his orbit of the earth.
Finally, when I returned home, I could hardly wait to show the above picture to my husband, Tim! I was thrilled that I had encountered what appeared to be a space ship from another world!! 
Well, of course, Tim knew exactly what the object was! Not only did he know what it was, he had been in a contraption exactly like the orange metal disc for sale in Breckenridge, Texas. 
Do you know what it is???? I think it would be fun to hear what you think!! Just leave your comments and next Monday, May 16, I'll let you know the true identity of this orange marvel!!


BillySue said...

isss it forrrr underwater exporlation?!?!? and it's orange so people can see it in the water?

Sarah said...

Hi, Billy Sue!! Thank you for taking a guess!! are pretty close!! This is a life capsule. It is intended for people who are in sea disasters. People get into one of these and can stay afloat until they can be rescued. Actually, your dad has been in one of these, as part of his safety training....not in a real situation. The oil companies have these on off shore drilling rigs. If something disastrous happens at the rig, the employees get into one of these life capsules and are dropped off the rig into the ocean. The rigs your dad worked on had several quite large ones. This orange one is small holding just a few people.
Good guess, Billy Sue!!!