Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making the Most Out of What We Have

Life is just plain hard. Everyone will encounter tragedy of some kind in their life. We have all heard that it is not what we endure, but how we endure it that is important. As cliche as that is, it is true. Some people bitterly wear their trials openly for everyone to see while others live with hardship seemingly at ease taking each day as it comes and finding joy in everything.
I am blessed to be the mother of a strong young woman named Grace. Grace came to us from South Korea when she was only sixteen. She has been in our family for twenty-two years. Grace has severe spastic quadreplegia. She spends her days strapped in a wheelchair. Grace is frail, only weighing seventy-five pounds. She has had at least four major surgeries in her lifetime: a surgery to repair a dislocated hip that had been that way for several years, at least two surgeries to cut ligaments in her legs so they would not be so spastic and lifesaving double rod surgery to straighten her spine which was curved 120 degrees, She requires almost total care. She has been in this condition most of her life.

Yet, despite all these obstacles, Grace is happy!!

Grace is happy that she has a motorized wheelchair that enables her to move independently.

Grace is happy that she can feed herself when strapped in her wheelchair. Grace is thankful for the straps that enable her that independence. Otherwise, someone would have to feed her.

Grace is happy that she can buy her own clothes using the internet connection on her IPod Touch that she bought with her own money from her soft drink business. Yes, she sells soft drinks to her siblings for a dollar a can. With that money she buys all her own clothes and expensive electronic equipment . She buys gifts for her family and friends with her own money. Here is a woman that cannot leave her home to work, but has a thriving soft drink business!! She has made the most of her situation and provides most of her needs for herself.

Grace is happy that she can arrange all of her own medical appointments with no assistance from a caregiver.

Grace is happy that she has mastered the art of texting. She stays in touch with family and friends.

Grace records Dr. Oz and Oprah every day. Then, she watches these shows at night when her day draws to a close.

Grace laughs.....and laughs......and laughs every day.

Grace posts scripture verse after scripture verse on her Facebook page. She is an encourager.

Grace has never once complained about being in a wheelchair.

Grace is happy......Grace inspires me .....Grace is victorious......Grace has a good life......Grace loves God.

  Without ever saying a word, she reminds me to be grateful because she is grateful. She gets on with the business of living without ever mentioning that she has a handicap. She refuses to dwell on the negative, but rejoices in the positive aspects of her life.

Grace is a testament to the human spirit and the grace of God.

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