Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hanging Out With Penny and BossyBoots

Normally, my day is more than overflowing with a "to do list", as I'm sure your day is as well. But....for the past week, Penny and BossyBoots have been at my house visiting........This you already know if you've been reading my posts. We've been packing in the activities......I only get to see Penny three to four times a year, so when she comes home, time is suspended and we do mom and daughter stuff together......
Yesterday, Penny, BossyBoots, and myself spent the day on the square in Waxahachie and then went to Ft. Worth for dinner.
Here are some great pictures of the antique stores around Waxahachie.....and, the Bass Performance Hall in Ft. Worth at night.

             Lunch at the Dove's Nest Tea Room


                Scenes from Old Town Villiage Antique Mall

The Webb Art Gallery

Bass Performance Hall in Ft. Worth

Thanks for looking. I hope you have a great day!!

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