Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Evening at the Estate Auction with Penny and BossyBoots

For more than a decade I've been attending antique, estate, model home furniture, and consignment auctions. For most of that time I've been searching for beautiful, rare, or unique items for my antique and collectible business. However, lately my auction shopping has been on the decline....mainly because I have taken a break from the antique and collectible market. I plan to go back some day when my youngest child gets into high school. But, occasionally, when I'm shopping for an item for my home, I head off to an auction.

 This past Friday, Penny and BossyBoots were in Texas so they went to an estate auction with me. It was WONDERFUL..............NOT so much for the dazzling items that were up for bidding, but because I WAS NOT ALONE......No one in my family wants to hang out at an auction. My husband thinks it is unbearable torture.....He can't imagine why any sane person would want to sit still for three or four hours while over four hundred or so items are auctioned off. Well...........BossyBoots is as crazy as I am because he requested to accompany me to an auction.

 He, Penny, and I went to my favorite estate auction. Here's some of the items up for bid.

A beautiful bowl from Bavaria

Two phrenology heads.......If you don't know what phrenology is, you could "google" it. I did.

A lovely Victorian parlor chair in stunning blue brocade fabric.

A beautiful print

A footstool in velvet green fabric......I actually won this. I paid $20.00!

Two planters

A handmade rug

An entire cart of concrete architectural pieces

Two curved Iron fence type pieces. I wanted to bid on these, but they were so heavy........My husband would have Not Appreciated having to get these home!!!!!!!!!!

A large piece of stained glass

This auction lasted four hours.  This did not include the hour drive there and the hour drive home. We were tired, but happy. BossyBoots bought a great box of rooky baseball cards, Penny bought a decanter set, and I bought my stool. But, most of all I enjoyed spending time sharing my love for antiques with two of my favorite people!!

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