Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Tim was born to be a dad.

He has devoted his life to building a great life for our twenty-one kids and me.

He's the Go - To Person for Everyone in our family!! His cell phone is permanently attached to his body so our kids can reach him day or night......

He loves to watch movies with all the kids gathered around.

He makes great homemade hamburgers.

He spent hours in the emergency room when they were little and had all kinds of bumps and scrapes.

He has a personal relationship with the personnel at WalMart because he goes there to buy something or another for one or the other of us......over and over......every day.

He fixes all his kid's cars.....all Volvos, of course.
He even fixes the cars of their girlfriends and boyfriends!

He cooks a whole lot of dinners!

He will drive two hundred miles to rescue them if their car breaks down on the side of some dark and dreary country road.

He helps them with their homework....even homeschooling them in trigonometry.

He helps them get their FAFSA completed.

He drives them to Chicago or Boston to attend college.

He visits our kids in Dallas, Bedford, Chicago, Ft. Worth, Boston, Austin....whereever they may be....because His Kids Are Important!

He believes every child deserves a decent start in life.  He's adopted twelve children traveling as far away as the Philippines to bring them home.

He has taken our kids to Six Flags and ridden the Texas Giant more times than we can count.

He takes double digit kids to Texas Rangers games......all by himself!

He's totally devoted to our daughter Grace who has spastic quadraplegia. He is her primary caregiver. He's amazing!

He plays Foosball with the kids at family gatherings and mostly wins.

He NEVER gives up on our kids ..........No Matter What!


Photos from the party our kids gave Tim on Father's Day

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