Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Triathlon.......This Is Becoming A Habit!

The above group of people are gathering for final instructions before beginning The Metroplex Sprint Triathlon. Tim and Lindsay are in that group.......somewhere.

Getting ready to brave the waves.......Personally, I'm not fond of "lake water".

Swimming with all their hearts while trying to stay out of the way of other swimmers and ..........alligators?????

Soooooooo glad that part is OVER!!!!!

Okay.....I'm not goin' to lie......This is my Favorite Part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There went Lindsay Lou!!!!!!!

Tim looks CUTE in his Tri Duds!!!!!!

Giving their maximum effort to Finish Strong!!

Tim came in third in his category!! What a guy......Age is Only A Number!!


Anonymous said...

What's up with my hair--Tim

BillySue said...

running is NOT my favorite....:/ well i guess swimming isn't either. seeing as how i can't.

Maggie May said...

truly impressive!

c jane said...

Excellent photo essay! I feel as though I was on the journey with them, red caps and all.

And I am with you, no lake water for me.

Heebie. Jeebies.

Sarah said...

Thank you, CJane for accepting my invitation to view my blog. You are the Best.

Amelia said...

Hi! I'm bloghopping behind Cjane and I had to say that the dude in the first picture looks like he is flexing for the picture and it made me smile.