Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What is a Timmism?

What is a Timmism, you ask? Well.....obviously, I made it up, but my children and I know what a Timmism is! Timmisms are funny stories about my funny husband's adventures in the wide, wide world. Large families are famous for their outrageous, funny stories. In our family, Tim, has many crazy, out-of-this-world experiences as he is out and about with our kids. I thought it would be fun to periodically relate some of Tim's adventures as he navigates through life as the dad of twenty-two children!

Timmism #1:

The other day, Tim was standing in line at WalMart with a full cart. Since Tim is the resident cook at our house, he is totally in charge of the menu. He was making dirty rice that evening for dinner. He uses the Zatarans rice recipe. So...he has six boxes of Zatarans rice and six pounds of hamburger meat....plus a cart full of other multiple foodstuffs. The lady in line behind Tim made a comment about the significant number of rice boxes in Tim's cart. She asked if he were cooking for a party, to which Tim mechanically replied, "No, it's just for the family dinner." The lady had a "shocked and amazed" look on her face, and was just about to say something additional when Tim said, "Actually, I'm a gormet chef". She said, "Oh, really?" Tim said, "Yes, tomorrow night I'm cooking macaroni and cheese". The woman didn't say another word!!

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BillySue said...

HAHA!!! OH fatherrr! You are sooo funny!