Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taste of Europe


Last night, Tim and I had our usual Saturday night date. However, our date was anything but usual. We decided to step out of the box and drove to Arlington, Texas,to eat at the locally famous Taste of Europe restaurant. Taylor's geography teacher had mentioned this restaurant to me. It sounded like the adventure began.
The restaurant owners immigrated from Russia many years ago. The gift shop stocked primarily Russian item such as Russian nesting eggs, icons, tea service sets, wonderful Russian peasant marionettes, chess sets,iron toy Russian soldiers, Christmas items and Russian military items such as uniforms, coats and hats. Here's a sampling of the wares to be found....

This one Russian nesting doll set was huge!! I didn't even have the nerve to ask the price!

Finally, after checking out all the items in the gift shop, it was time to eat. Tim had the German sausage with sauerkraut and potatoes while I dined on the Hungarian goulash. Dessert was crepes with chocolate and whipped cream! Delicious!

The grocery market consisted of a good variety of items to buy as well as a deli. Several people came in just to buy items from the grocery market and deli.

Before we left, Tim had to try out the one sentence that he knew in Russian. When he was a boy, a friend whose heritage was Russian taught Tim to say, "I am a Russian man" in the Russian language. So...Tim asked the store owner if he could "try" his sentence out. The Russian owner was happy to oblige, and affirmed that Tim had spoken his one sentence perfectly!! Tim was so proud!!


BillySue said...

whoa that looks tayyyyysteeeee! Expecially dessert! I wich i could speak another language; even if it is only one sentence!

Sarah said...

I bet you could speak an entire sentence in Spanish!! Maybe we could go to Taste of Europe sometime. It was really good!