Monday, August 1, 2011

The Gardens at the Greenery

In our large family we are constantly celebrating birthdays!! When the kids were growing up, and now still, birthdays were major family events! Now, most of my "kids" are twenty-somethings with a few being a thirty-something. Recently, we have transitioned into weddings also becoming a frequent major family event. One of my daughters, Tweets, has been married over four years now to her sweetheart, Mr. Tweets. Recently, they had their first child, my new grandson, our Sweet Prince! Now, I have two more daughters engaged to be married within the next eight months. Penny and Tellanova will soon be a Mrs. to their Mister. Tellanova is getting married to a fellow musician in our hometown which we lovingly call Gingerbread Town! When searching for wedding venues; it didn't take long to find The Gardens at the Greenery! The Greenery is one of the finest landscape nurseries around these parts. They also dabble in the wedding venue business! So far, these gardens have top billing.

Did you have a garden wedding? Did a family member or friend have a garden wedding? Do you have a wedding story to share? Or....if you are a large family, are you, like us, celebrating frequent wedding events?


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The Gardens at the Greenery is so beautiful,the place is very nice. the Greenery is one of the finest landscape nurseries around these parts.

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