Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oma's Jiffy Burger

Last week, Taylor and I stopped and had a hamburger at Oma's Jiffy Burger. This diner is a tiny little restaurant just off the town square in Waxahachie. Celebrating 41 years in our Gingerbread Town, the cafe has become a bit of a cultural icon. Located on Water Street, the cafe was originally found on College Avenue. Eventually, the owner sold the business; the new owner moved to the present location, but took many of the diner's fixtures with him. The inside of Oma's Jiffy Burger resembles a classic 1950's malt shop. I love eating here, as does most of Waxahachie. Sometimes it's hard to find a place to sit!! The burgers here are beyond tasty......Do you have an out-of-the way place in your town or city that has become locally famous? 


BillySue said...

awww man! I wish i was there with you guys. I have always wanted to go there. Stephen and I tried once but they were closed :(. I had coupons and everything! and LOOK! they even have shirts!!!!

Sarah said...

We are definitely going there the next time you are home. And....we'll get you and Stephen a shirt!