Sunday, January 2, 2011

True Grit Meets the Fockers!!

New Year's Weekend was one of marathon movie going for our family! One of my favorite activities is to hang out with one or more of my kiddos at the movies. This weekend six of us saw True Grit together.

True Grit was an exceptionally good movie. I saw the original version so many years ago that I can barely recall some of the details. But, who can forget John Wayne with a pistol in each hand gunning down the "bad men" while charging his horse head-on into what would have been fatal for a normal marshall!

The Coen brother's version of the book was every bit as good as the original. Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld are receiving a lot of Oscar buzz for their roles in the flick. I would be surprised if each of them did not receive nominations.

The second movie of the weekend was Little Fockers. My husband and I have seen both the prequels to this movie. Tim went with a house-full of twenty something kids when he saw Meet the Fockers. Everyone of those  kids scrambled in a mayhem of musical chairs desperate to NOT be the person sitting next to dear old dad. I tried to tell them; this is not a movie you want to see with your father!! Well..............I told you so!!

Little Fockers was entertaining, but only mildly so when compared to the first two movies.

This picture of Tim being "shot" was unplanned. I noticed my mistake afterwards... Some of the best pictures are "mistakes" !

Here we have the retake. Tim was being all suave and manly for the picture!!


Penny said...

I saw True Grit this weekend, too! Bossyboots and I went to a new, super fancy theater downtown. We loved it!

Sarah said...

I saw True Grit a second time...Your dad wanted to see it so we went last Saturday!! He loved it as well! Unfortunately, someone stole the drive shaft off my Yukon while we were in the theatre!! My car is fixed now and all is well, but it was a major inconvenience!!