Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Perseverance vs. Indomitable Spirit

Lately, in TaeKwon-Do we've been discussing the difference between perseverance and indomitable spirit. Perseverance is when a goal is in sight; all a person has to do is work hard, not give up and eventually he/she will reach that goal. Indomitable spirit is knowing that the goal is impossible, but working toward that goal anyway.An army of 300 men fighting an army of 30,000 men know they cannot win, but they fight anyway; this would be an example of indomitable spirit.
My TKD life is a constant flux between perseverance and indomitable spirit. There are good days when I truly believe attaining that elusive high side piercing kick is totally possible....someday. Then, there are days like today when I am certain that no matter what I do or for how long I do it, that side kick will never be a great "black belt" quality kick.
There are many life situations that require perseverance......and, a few that demand indomitable spirit. Perseverance requires hard work and patience; indomitable spirit requires courage and a noble heart.

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BillySue said...

that high side piercing kick is Perseverance! you already can do a middle one; you can do a high one!