Monday, January 31, 2011

Retro Day

Today was Retro Day at Taylor's school. He wanted to be a gangster from the thirties or forties. So.....Sunday afternoon we decided to hit the thrift stores in Dallas. The first store we visited had absolutely nothing even remotely resembling gangster attire. We were especially disappointed because between the thirty minute drive there and back, we had wasted a hour of our already limited time! Then, as we were driving back to Waxahachie, I remembered BonTon in Forreston, Texas!!! Gee....what was the matter with me? I have posted about BonTon before. (see here)

As we drove to BonTon, I felt my adrenalin pumping. There was no doubt that amazing retro fashion awaited us there. I knew Taylor would find the perfect gangster outfit among the racks and racks of vintage clothes and accessories at the BonTon treasure chest!!

Character dressing is so much fun!!


BillySue said...

Taylor looks like he is going to smile people to death! Look angry! grrrrrr

Sarah said...

He was pretty happy with his retro outfit!! After our bomb at the Dallas thrift store, he was just relieved to have a costume!!