Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Has Been a Blistering Summer!!

Our yard is completely dead......all three acres of it!! Every summer I have high hopes of a beautiful yard and wonderful flowers. The yard started off well; the first bloom of our many rose bushes was magnificent! ( check out my blog for April 8, 2011: Blooming Roses.) Then, it went downhill from there. We lost five of our beautiful palm trees due to the frost last winter. We had them removed.

This is our last palm tree!!!

 Then, no rain equals a dead yard, and with the water bill already being so high for our large family, I just don't feel justified watering. But....now I'm feeling wistful wishing for at least green grass around the house. I'm thinking of buying some plants this weekend and potting them in containers. That should spruce the place up a bit!! Finally, hopefully, the daily one hundred plus heat will begin to slack off. I'm dreaming of cooler days .......and soon!

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