Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Feet

I'm delighting in a most unexpected blessing!! At the risk of sounding trite or self-serving, I have discovered a clothing accessory that has filled me with an anticipation I haven't felt in least concerning my physical appearance, that is!! I have discovered Poetic License shoes!!! And......I have purchased TWO pair already!!
Take a look!!

Aren't they magnificent? One day I googled, funky shoes, and this brand appeared on my computer screen!! Oh the joys of the internet!! I am looking forward to finishing out a classic black outfit with these wild, wild shoes!! I do believe I'm my mother's daughter after all......My mom loved to wear all sorts of attention grabbing socks and outfits! We're talking Cat-In-The-Hat socks or leopard skin skirts etc. etc. etc......You get the picture!! I must say I never pictured myself being so "interesting"!!
Do you have a clothing item or accessory that makes you stand out? Or, do you know someone that makes a fashion statement? I'd love to hear your "fashion" story!!


Mindy said...

Oh my goodness! I just discovered these shoes a couple of weeks ago. I wrote a blog post about them. There is a little town just a few miles south of us that has a store that carries them. Aren't they just the cutest? BTW, my daughter and your daughter are friends. They met through Wedding Bee.

Sarah said...

Hi, Mindy!! Thank you for commenting on my blog!! What a coincidence that you,too, found the Poetic Licence shoes! I checked out your blog.....You hve a great blog! How cool that you are a big advocate of physical fitness! I've been an avid student of TKD for a bit over three years. It has definitely changed my life for the better!And.... how awesome that our daughters are friends!Penny introduced me to blogging. Again, thanks so much for commenting!