Friday, August 13, 2010

Thoughts of Olivia

Chronologically, Olivia was sixty-two years old……..spiritually, she was much younger. Olivia had spent almost all of her adult life raising her ten children. They were all grown now; the youngest had just turned eighteen.

For the past several years Olivia had mentally researched her true passion…..what her heart’s desire would be when the last child was grown. As she continued throughout her fifties to be the taxi driver, household chef, maid, laundress, counselor, and her children’s number one fan, she would sometimes imagine how she would spend those long awaited hours.

When Olivia was twenty-one, she had been a dancer. Physically, she was medium height, thin but shapely, with a sparkling glow that radiated from her blue eyes. She adored the art of dance. Technically, she was a classical ballerina, but in her heart, she moved with the music whether it be pop, jazz, blues, or classical. Dancing was the medium God gave Olivia with which to become the melody. Dance made Olivia part of the music… and dance became one.

So….now, fast forwarding to sixty-two years of age, Olivia is still medium height, but she is no longer thin or shapely; her shape is round. And, while the sparkling glow can still be seen, it is framed with wrinkles, frown lines, and puff balls of skin. After picturing herself as a painter, singer, quilter, writer, and tutor, Olivia comes back to the one experience that is spiritually miraculous for her…….dance.

Now, everyday Olivia pulls on her black footless tights, fluid black skirt, and V neck black leotard. Donning black ballet slippers, she flows from room to room in her large empty house. The rooms have become her stage; her happiness is beyond what most people can understand. No one is there to judge her technique or physique. There is no applause. The only presence is God and Olivia……Olivia moving as she had done when she was twenty-one. The dance was still there…..the music was still there. Olivia found herself again. She had not changed at all…

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