Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiny Texas Houses!!

Last weekend, I traveled to Austin to visit with three of my adult children....Stephen, Alison May, and Suzanne. Saturday morning, Alison May, Suzanne, and I drove to Luling, Texas. Luling is the home of a company named Tiny Texas Houses, a totally appropriate name because, well, the houses are Tiny. At least, the houses are much tinier than the houses I am familiar with! Check out to read about the vision of this company's owner, Brad Kittel. Basically, the idea is that we Americans live with much too much materially, and our lives and environment would be simpler and happier if we lived with much less. Kittel uses salvaged building materials to construct these tiny houses. This is such an interesting concept to me. I have always been interested in lifestyles that are different from "normal". Settling down in a Tiny Texas House would definitely fit the "different" sort of living bill!
Check out these pictures.


Mindy said...

Think how much time you save when it came to clean.

BillySue said...

looks like i'm dancin'! because i'm so excited over the Tiny Texas Houses!

Sarah said...

Thank you, Mindy and Suzanne for your comments!
Mindy,the short cleaning time was the first thing that ran through my mind! That would be lovely, wouldn't it?
Suzanne, thanks for going with me!
Readers, in case you're confused by all the different names in my blog, I use middle or pen names for my family members because some of them do not want me using their first names. But....Tim and I don't care, so Tim and Sarah are really ......Tim and Sarah.