Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day, Taylor is a TaeKwon-Do Black Belt!!!!!!

This past weekend, Taylor reached the achievement of a lifetime......his first degree Black Belt in TaeKwon-Do!! While this undertaking was, for Taylor, three and a half years in the making, achieving a First Dan Black Belt marks the level of a beginning student in TKD. Now, the real endeavor begins. There are nine degrees of Black Belt. Many many people start as a white belt with only a handful achieving first degree Black Belt status. While that is an enormous achievement, imagine the even smaller number that continue on past first degree Black Belt to attain second degree and above. There are so many requirements.....specifically, at the black belt level one has to wait many years between each level before he or she can test for the next level. There are endless complicated patterns to learn, cognitive knowledge to study, aerial kicks to master and concrete to break. The task can be daunting!! Basically, for the few brave souls who desire to journey along that difficult path, the journey takes a lifetime. In the words of one of my favorite fifth degree Black Belts, "You keep practicing TKD and testing for consecutive levels of Black Belt until you die."  Well, that's pretty much true. I personally only know one eighth degree Black Belt. While I know there are a "few" more world wide, there's just not that many of the seventh degree and above levels.

Taylor began his TKD classes at age ten. He's now fourteen. If he perseveres, he could conceivably attain a ninth degree black belt in his lifetime. This is his goal!!

 I just cannot say how impressed and proud I am that Taylor is my son. The lessons that TKD have taught him are important. Achieving a First Dan Black Belt was a right of passage for him. It sounds a bit cheesy, I know, but I now see Taylor as a man, not a boy. He has done the work......earned his awesome is that!!!

The family came out to support Taylor!

More family

Black belts and black stripes reciting the TKD tenets and student oath

Taylor is about to break a thick board with his hand.

Taylor is about to break two adult boards with a reverse back kick.
Taylor's instructor, a Fifth Dan Black Belt, is awarding Taylor his First Dan Black Belt!

Taylor is a Black Belt now.....He's certified!!!!!

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