Monday, November 29, 2010

Hanging Out At Bon Ton

This weekend was a time of visiting with two of my daughters that live away from us. One of my daughters, Penny, resides in Chicago. She went away to Chicago's DePaul University thirteen years ago.......and then, after graduating, made Chicago her permanent home.

Penny and I have a "special" store we frequent when she visits. This place is nothing short of WONDERFUL!!! It's made all the more special because it's tucked away in the tinest of Texas towns, Forreston, Texas. Basically, the tiny town consists of three or four vintage buildings, a post office and and a few hundred people. The main store is a facinating vintage clothing store named Bon Ton. Bon Ton is owned by a darling couple, John and Barbara. John and Barbara are former musicians that now tend this "out of this world" vintage fashion icon! They have a wonderful life!

Now, don't think that  shoppers to Bon Ton are a rarity just because the store is in a tiny Texas town. Quite to the contrary, Bon Ton is nationally famous, supplying vintage clothing to movie producers and customers all over the United States!!
Penny and I spent and hour and a half visiting and shopping. We shopped for about forty-five minutes and visited with John and Barbara for about forty-five minutes!! A visit to Bon Ton is so much more than a shopping's a step into the interlude in our afternoon to visit with old friends...

John has a table set up to receive visitors that might want to share a bottle of water or cup of coffee. If he has a pastry available, one can have a light breakfast as well. After visiting for more than a half hour with John, Barbara came to "rescue" us!! I say this in jest because a visit with John and Barbara is certainly one of life's pleasures........a refreshing break in the hurry and confusion of Thanksgiving weekend!

Marilyn Monroe Doll

I purchased this stunning 1940's black velvet bolero and skirt from Bon Ton. My dress form loves her new outfit!!

Check out Bon Ton's website:
And, if you love vintage fashions and are visiting the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, stop by BonTon in Forreston, Texas. You won't be disappointed!!

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